First ~ Love

The room they rented was too small for a sofa. So, he brought home an over stuffed second hand chair faded fabric with strong legs. He didn't pay much attention to the wore seat he knew she’d cover it and make good. The room did not come with a window for the sun to shine through and the window in the back faced the brick wall of the building next door. So, her Mama gave them a lamp with a yellow covering for a house warming stayed a little while got up off the second hand chair smiled 'Be good' and headed to her own home. The kitchen had a ice box but the ice man had told them and everyone on the top floors of the apartment buiding “I’m too old to carry ice of dem stairs “
'Well, if she don’t mind” he nodded to his woman 'I deliver the ice for you if you give ours for free. I work nights can meet you on the days you deliver'
One month of settling in in there first home he looked around proud of what they had done to the once gloomy place. The second hand chair was recovered with a deep rich green fabric with matching pillows. He'd found a pictue frame on the street and drew a picture of a night sky to fill it. 'Didn't know you could draw. its nice real nice' she told him
The day after he hung the picture he came home and found curtains hanging on the wall "as if" the room had a window. 'If I didn't know any better I would think...'He laughed. 'I could pull those curtains back and see the outside world' 'Not too small for you' she asked.
It’s small… but not to small to hold my woman’s hand' He kissed her cheek 'Bet when I fall asleep tonight my dreams don’t know nuthing about small' She smiled. He looked away momentarily her hand tucked inside of his. She say nervous like hesitant She sqeezed his hand 'Ain’t …too small to tell you we expecting a baby?' The small room they shared filled up with silence. She wished the lamp on her mama gave off just a bit more light she wanted to see every muscle in his face and the room was starting to get dark. She moved closer she did not know what to make of his silence. 'You hear me Percy?' He looked at her with tears for the first time that she known of him to cry 'I'm thinking … how much I love you right now, how much I love us, love our life”. He took a deep breath

' The two things I know I can give you and our child.' He placed his hand on her belly 'Is my love and my faith in the life we building together.'
She looked around the first home of their life and prayed she never forget this space so large it held the tears of her man and the words he offered and believed them to be true.

First ~ Love
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