Being Nosey.

Beautiful. That seem to be my mothers favorite word Beautiful.
How that look Mama? Beautiful. How you feel today Mama? I feel lucky and beautiful.
Junior my baby brother made Mama a lanp in woodshop came home with a big smile on his face. Mama took her ivory lamp with painted flowers off her bed stand and replaced it with the unpainted childesh carving, stood back with her hands crossed over her chest: Junior that's the most beautiful lamp I ever owned thank you.

That word over the decades of my lifetime of good-byes to family and friends leaving this earth took on deeper meaning like a old tree that roots run waaayyy to the street. It took me on some journeys in myself like when I heard this woman say to her friend like I can't hear them talking. "I like her style she look interesting"
I laugh to myself and double cross my legs give em something else interesting for them to gaze upon. Can't nobody say I ain't generous You cross your leg over the other and then your ankle around the other ankle, that's double crossing.

Well, they looked and then the one say to the other like she na came upon a cure for something. "You know I bet she was something in her day and probably real pretty"
Now, I'm thinking it be wrong to not gift them with some words after all its me they talking about so I turn full on em let em know I been listening and say.
"Back in the day is today only day you and me promised. I got a memory I can share I was indeed a pretty younger woman, yes I was indeed. Now tho in this day I can tell you with certainty what it means when folks used to say: Its whats on the inside that counts. All that I have seen, all of the folks I have loved, the laughter, the humble moments I was pretty but living inside my life I have grown to be beautiful. And what I learn is beauty is how you chose to see life what the gifts it offers."

Now here's a chuckle both women said at the same time like they twins which they weren't : Wow, that's beautiful. hannah-cauhepe-271279-unsplash

Being Nosey.
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