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Black Love & Intimacy is very present in every aspect of American culture especially the universal language of love music from: the boutiful spirit of Lauryn Hill, fierceness of Erykah Badu and the fire starter Beyonce. Now, now calm down you know love is treated well in the hands of rap artist Common and for those backing it up I offer you Maze featuring Frankie Beverly and the Isley Brother's Summer Breeze.

Yet, Black Love & Intimacy in it's positive vibration's has not always been at the forefront of American consciousness. Well, that was yesterday. Today is a new day and tomorrow is on the horizon. By the way have you caught the series Ms. Oprah Winfrey has running on OWN channel featuring: Black Love?

Now me:Telling tales of Black Love & Intimacy has been part of my creative journey since the beginning. Welcome to my page here: Nappyheadedlovestories.com the content of which will be served family style: past memories, present moments, and future dreams. This blog is not meant to be history lessons (not to say one or two won’t happen upon us) but is more intended to open paths and journeys, to highlight ways African Americanfictional characters go about life living out loud in positive vibes of ordinary black folks loving. In this blog I will give myself the responsibilities of discovering, rediscovering and reshaping consciousness regarding Black Love & Intimacy. What I love is placing characters back in history before electronic devices. Story's from our grandparents time frame to present time. Why... to show the migration of love that has made us thrive.

(hummp! sho nuff) I offer these stories big and small to you my reader-Enjoy leave a comment and subscribe.

Welcome to Nappy Headed Love Story's
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