(Excerpt from Osell's 517 Bar at Exit Theater in San Francisco June15th & 16th 2018)
A Nappy Headed Love Story:

To their brown bodies glistening with warm moisture of summer heat and sweat in a home he helped to build in 1956. A small home o a dirt road that curved leading to town. Surrounded by land his daddy and mother gave to plant, raise babie and live out their lives.
Now the day done he watched her movements sway in star light of the Mississippi skycoming in the window
A vision of her to tuck in his memory for one day when days are short and he be a old man.
Light, falling, on their bed without noise as light does. Light from the moon and stars falling without noise/
Like when he dreaming sometimes when sound is absent and only pictures tells him the story.
He laid back on the sheets washed by her/his hands and hung to dry in sunlight and the breath of spirits. She had asked before noon smiling up her hands wet'help me hang the wash if you don't mind' 'I don't mind'.
Now, day done and a summer breeze come through the open window carrying country scents off the Mississippi hills.
She humming coming towards him. Yep he thinking:
the echo of the day gone day over now. What left is blue/jazzy notes feeling its way to his hearts string. Whatever song she humming he name it:Memory.
The sashaying of her hips reminds him of the slow moving branches of in soft wind.
Would she want Him on top tonight? He wondered seeing her beauty spread on bed he dreams. His arms were made to wrap around her waist, made to pull then stroke the arch of Her back, his fingers made to play the notes of Jazz up and down her spine-

Or, maybe she want to straddle him riding high above on dat mountain peak her neck arched back her chin thrust forward the crown of her thick nappy curls framing her dark brown,skin. Is that reddish gold hidden in her face he often wonders. He was methodical, precise, as he listened to her bare feet slide and tap in her movement crossing their bedroom towards him. He listening to her soft humming a tune he could live in forever.
She is, they are, committed to this moment of love- making. He knows that for sure. And If they, she, he is granted the ears of spirits listening tonight. Some loving noisy ancestor with their ear to the velvet sky separating life and death looking at all that wondefulness happening in their home. Maybe that ancestor will offer a child spirit to join them. Yass another black baby will be born one day to them. That's what they hoping for he knows as she falls into his arms.
She whispered sometime later while the sweet musk of love covering their near sleep state "I hope its a girl." He whispered back down low and deep "Don't matter to me woman cuz between us we got enough love to give"
"Sho' nuff" She laughed "Sho nuff you right!"

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