Pine Cone

People walk in a straight line stepping soft/hard in others foot steps. Generation after generation times moves on.
It’s the dancer that moves symmetrical and spirals into and out; we see our ancestors clearer not just their back; or things their lives carried.
Then be… he/she visual artist; splashes of color and shadowy figures of finger molding sculptures. A prisoner receives a postcard of a sunrise and begs god to give him/her as did the tin man for a heart; to be for forgiven. True dat..
The storyteller translates our Soul's utterance into unforgettable poetic expression on this blue/black journey into night. A night with a face so soft it teaches the story of air; something that can touch and move but cannot itself be held.
The songs of singers and instruments notes from our human journey to ears of the universe the sweetest love song; it be, when, heard. Find the story in the corner of soul most ignored. It carries the dust of truth the emotional DNA held in silence-learns to write the scared alphabets of the Gods.
We will not be here forever WE ARE FOREVER

Pine Cone
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