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Black Love & Intimacy
I write and tell story's of Black Love & Intimacy to bring them to the forefront of America's consciousness which more than not has been absent. Its there all over the place like air. In the daily movements of our lives to the larger offerings we give to the world. Present in every aspect of American culture in profound and loving gifts within everything we do starting with our fight for democracy for all people. A representation would be Jazz. Ain't we proud America that Jazz originated from here? Part of the soul of Black American created a musical conversation that went around the world and sung notes into the hearts of "Others". It is shared opinion among many Historical musicologist and musicians that the perfect metaphor for democracy is Jazz.
Jazz musician Marsalis speaks about Jazz :

"When I think about the founders-all the geniuses and men of accomplishment-I think of them in terms of the first be-boppers: Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk. They were working out fundamentals of an idea of a way to play that featured very, very quick thinking, adjustment, and the ability to have a light framework and fill it with things of genius that can also be amended"

The thing is a Jazz friend of my said is YOU got to listen. We got to stop holding on to our differences as tools of resistence stead our differences as tools of expanding our knowledge of life. We are a global community time to embrace and learn from one another our humanity and democracy depends on it.

You wanna fly, you got give up the shit that weighs you down
Toni Morrison

You are here bring your diversity your commonality to my story's.
And check this out... everything you read you'll find yourself, your possibilities your desire. In the characters you will find the universal theme of hope, promise and desire. No matter your backgrounds, languages, everything that make up YOU WELCOMED. So... don't let the words: Nappy Headed Love Story's, Black Love and Intimacy create a sense of anything but come on and listen and learn about family all kinds of family. My goal is to tell you universal tales through the lens of a Black Woman. Dat Be Me.

Black Love & Intimacy the content of which will be served family style: past memories, present moments, and future dreams. This blog is not meant to be history lessons (not to say one or two won’t happen upon us) but is more intended to open paths and journeys, to highlight ways African American fictional characters go about life living out loud in positive vibes beautiful ordinary black folks loving, living extra-ordianary lives.
In this blog I will give myself the responsibilities of discovering, rediscovering and reshaping consciousness regarding Black Love & Intimacy.

Why... to show the migration of love that has made us thrive. We could all learn how to love and be loved by folks that came here enslaved and decided to make them a new life up in freedom. To make themselves up a new life of freedom and democracy for everyone to embrace.

(hummp! sho nuff) I offer these stories big and small to YOU my readers-Enjoy! Remember to leave a comment, share and subscribe: nappyheadedlovestories.com.
Your host

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Welcome to Nappy Headed Love Story's
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