X'Tra Husbands

they came back over the years
shadows of a past where none existed for me
settling on leaves transplanted in an awkward season
green and luscious growing in winter then
now less yet still there love
fast as Ivy into my world
came back...
as if leaves could be stolen from one season to the next
without dying
few things can water the past I speak without hesitation
to closed ears
each x-tra husband
carrying deep in the dark corners
next to loose coins & folded bills
holding the same point of view
You... be... love
You be my home my
beginning and end till
(blank stare from me) do us part
I never turn to look in the direction they point
image of a girl/woman I used to be/becoming me

I think of Lot's wife what she saw that turned her to salt
remember how I learned to run
from the streets they call out the key they have saved to a place
they call home
I ran then slow/fast with my wide hips
from their shadows
empty handed sometimes
but with
my flesh, blood, bones
my spirit in tack opening to the rain welcoming it

X'Tra Husbands
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